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Contests & Sweepstakes

Contests are promotions, offering a prize, that may or may not require a purchase or demonstration of skill for prize eligibility. Contests that are judged to be lotteries are illegal in most states. In-house lists of contest entrants can be used for additional promotions and can also be rented at different rates, based on whether the individuals are buyers or just entrants. Nonbuying entrants are referred to as No's. Contest lists must be deduped to eliminate individuals who enter more than once. Contests can be used to accomplish secondary marketing objectives such as a recipe contest that increases usage. Sweepstakes is a popular type of Sales Promotions where lavish prizes are offered to entrants who have only to submit entries with their name and address by return mail or at a location determined by the sweepstakes sponsor, usually in a retail outlet where the sponsor's products are sold.
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